Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I've been re-inspired

One of my friends from church just posted a wonderful post. It was about loosing weight and not for looks but for being healthy and being around for her children. I totally agree. Just want to post this to say I am back on the weight loss wagon. {This isn't a new year's resolution either. I had already lost 11 pounds the month of December but right at Christmas time I lost all motivation with all the yummy foods!} Any way, I want to be held accountable. My goal is 40 pounds by May and 60 pounds by December! I am going to check in often so be ready to be annoyed by frequent posts! ;)

Our year in pictures

What's New?

Just thought since we didn't do a Christmas/New Year's card that I'd just say what's new here.

Brian is still working at Kenworth and doing well very.  The management really see him as an asset which is great. He is a such a hard worker and I think he really enjoys the guys he works with.  He is Elders Quorum president and doing a great job.  He has great counselors that are always willing to step up since Brian's and my own calling sort of conflict sometimes.

I am staying at home with the munchkins.  Some days its rough.  But most of the time I wouldn't trade it...okay maybe the night shift...hate it.  I will be starting school on the 14th and taking 2 classes online.  I am first counselor in the Young Women's and with the new curriculum, I am excited to see the impact it will crate on all of us! 

I updated Ahlyssa and Paige below so scroll below to read about them.

Yet again I missed a month

Sorry Paige in advance when you are reading this and complaining that you don't have as many pictures as Ahlyssa and I didn't keep your journal up to date like Ahlyssa's.  I love you JUST AS MUCH!

These things happened between 6 and 7 months:
-Still waking up 2-4 times a night.  Mom is hating every minute of it.
-Sitting up.
-Prefer veggies to fruit.
-Drink 3 ounces every 3 hours.
-2-3 naps a day.
-Have 2 bottom teeth that are almost through.
-Love love love Ahlyssa.  Even though I think she is annoying you to death.
-Eyes are still dark.  Probably brown.
-You are the sweet baby and give everyone smiles.
-Happiest in the morning.
-Suck on your tootsie.
-If you feel something by your feet you kick it until you can reach with you your hands.
-Always throwing your pacifier out of your crib where is completely out of reach.
-Love blankets and tags.
-Love plastic bags and mom's cell phone. Scream when it's taken away.
-Just about to big for the car seat.  Thinking its time to upgrade to a "big girl" one.
-Like car rides.
-Size 3 diapers.
-Size 9-12 month clothes. Yes we are catching up to Ahlyssa's old stuff. YAY
-Gives the best sweet baby kisses!
We love you sweet girl!

Ahlyssa will be 4 at the end of this month so I might as well do hers because let's be real...I won't update for a couple months.
-Into Princesses, My Little Ponies, "tea" parties and your doll house.  You play with these ALL day long.
-Like Marissa's old Bratz dolls.
-Love watching Spongebob, usually anything princess, Max and Ruby, anything Nick Jr. or Disney Jr.
-Love Paige to death and always {usually} willing to help with her.
-Started Sunbeams and love it! You said that you didn't miss Nursery.
-You are so smart.  And have a great memory. {Good thing because Mom's isn't so well these days ;)}
-Love reading books and saying prayers.
-At one point you were speaking so good.  You annunciation of "th", "L", and "R" were fantastic.  You lost "R" annunciation but we were reassured by a friend that that is normal and will remaster it typically around 5 years old.  We work on it as it comes.
-Kind of hit a tough patch with behavior.  But we have a good/bad behavior and chore chart that we will be starting soon. 
-You absolutely love the snow.  You love sledding and gleefully laugh!  You also loved summer time.  You were swimming with floaties alone and jumping into the pool.  You still ask if we can go swimming?!
-Favorite color is purple.
-Favorite food is yogurt, apples, candy, popcorn, pizza and anything meat!
-Always want someone to scratch your back, legs or arms.
Happy 4th Birthday this month! We love you dodo!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Paige-5 months

Here's what going on in your fifth month of life:

-Still don't mind your car seat.
-Love any blanket, burp cloth or any fabric you can bring to your mouth (you actually prefer these then toys!)
-Smile all the time and your smile lights up the room.
-When you smile your entire body smiles as well.
-Such a good happy baby.
-Doctor said your head is looking better and your neck/shoulder strength is looking good as well. You just have a big ol noggin!
-Just about out of 6 month clothes. You very well might be catching up to Ahlyssa's old clothes.  Yay don't have to keep buying clothes for 2 girls!
-You HAVE to have a blanket by your face to sleep.  Just like mommy. :)
-Still love bath time.  Now you are starting to splash and make a watery mess!
-Almost to big for your infant bath tub.
-You have loved just about every food we've given you.  Except peaches.  Just like Lys.  Although she likes them now.  I don't blame you that baby food is not very appetizing.
-Have a bald spot on the back of your head.
-Not a fan of laying on your belly.
-Drink 5 oz bottles every 3 hours with baby food/cereal morning and evening.  You have been getting up about once a night these days and I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!
-Bedtime at 7:15 pm-7:30 pm. Although you can hardly make it to 7:30 pm.
-Wake up at about 8 am.
-Will reach for toys.
-You light up when Ahlyssa is around.  It's like you wait for her next movement or the next time she talks to you. You think she's pretty funny! And she LOVES holding you.
-When you are tired you make a growling noise as you play with your paci.  You also rub your eyes.
-You are always playing with that paci and trying to master getting in your mouth.  You are getting better at it.
-You weigh 18.5 lbs and 27 inches tall!
You are the best baby girl. We love you to the moon and back.

Monday, October 1, 2012

No Big Deal

I guess I should just accept the fact that I will never be any good at blogging.  I feel like I don't have much to talk about ever so I don't blog.  I guess the blog and myself will figure it out eventually!

So Paige turned 3 and then 4 months since my last post so will just go ahead and talk about what's going on with her these days!
{she loves baths}

-At 3 1/2 months you were 15.75 pounds and 25 inches
-Has mellowed out completely! :)
-Love your big sister so much
-You don't need to be bounced to sleep anymore :)
-As soon as we stick paci in and a blanket by your face your eyes immediately shut
-Laugh when we tickle you
-Rolling from tummy to back
-LOVE sucking on your fingers
-Starting to reach for things
-You love bath time
-Nicknames thus far: Paigey, Paigers, PayPay, Paigely, Paigness, Paigalena, Piegon, Purger (you spit up, a lot)
-Started cereal because you were eating constantly and its really helped keep you satisfied
-When you smile your entire face smiles
-I always say your eyes look like glass because they just sparkle
-Love watching the colors on the TV
-Size 2 diapers and size 6-9 month clothes
-We joke that when you "talk" you sound like Chewbacca
-Need to be swaddled to sleep
-Only 2 night feedings now
-5 oz every 3 hours (except night time)
What a blessing you are to us. We love you forever!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Paige - 2 months

14.2 lbs

~Like to be bounced
~Still like your car seat
~Love riding in the car but start crying if we stop (so I pretty much run red lights and stop signs...kidding!)
~Slept from 10:30pm-4am!
~But that was a fluke, you eat every 3 hours (5oz)
~"Go to bed" at 10:30 and wake up every 3 hours and go right back to sleep
~Love watching your big sister
~Hate being hot
~If you are in a good mood, you will usually give us lots of smiles
~0-3 and 3-6 month clothes
~Size 1 diapers
~Love looking at yourself in your swing mirror
~Pretty easy going these days
We love you, Paigers!